Disneyland VIP Tour Service Reviewed…It is so Fantastmic!

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Last weekend my family and I were down in Disneyland enjoying the new-ish Cars Land and Buena Vista Street along with Club 33. On one day of our trip we were with a large group of close friends and family touring both Disneyland and California Adventure. We went on every single attraction that we wanted to and the most that we waited for any attraction was 20 minutes. How did we do this you are wondering? With the amazing Disneyland VIP Tour service.

Disneyland VIP Tour


The Disneyland tour guides, often called plaids by the public are a Disneyland staple. Walt Disney first established the tour guide program in 1958 to help welcome Disneyland park guests into what was then a revolutionary foreign idea to them. Since then the types of tours have greatly expanded and the VIP tour was introduced.

Tour Details

I am sure that you are thinking, “that’s great, but why should I get it?” Well here is why. The VIP tour guide will cater for your every need. You will be VIP for the day, being waited on hand and foot. Your tour guide acts as a “concierge” as many of us adoringly called our guides. Anything was possible with a phone call.

The biggest perk of the guide is the special access to the FastPass line and skipping the line all together.  When you are with a tour guide they will almost immediately escort you on every attraction. It was really cool to see them join us on the rides(I’m sure that this a huge perk to the job)…as seen above.

Another benefit of the tour program was we had our choices of reserved seats for the fireworks, World of Color, Fantastmic!, and both parades. At meal time your guide will find and reserve perfect restaurants for your family or group. Finally, VIP tour guides are able to get access to a ride on the Lilly Belle, an exclusive train car on the Disneyland railroad that is very hard to get a spot on.

Tour guides can also show off the Disneyland Pet Cemetary located behind the Haunted Mansion. Regular Haunted Mansion Cast Members can sometimes take guests out to see it like in the video below, but it is so much nicer with your guide.


Once you book your tour(details below), your tour guide will get in touch with you to figure out the details of the day or entire trip and decide on what attractions your family should ride and where to eat.

The guides are truly amazing. Here is something that might be a bit scarier for you than the pet cemetery. duh….duh…duh


The Disneyland VIP tour guide service costs about $315 an hour with a six hour minimum. The highest I have heard that a tour cost was $355 an hour during peak season still with a six hour minimum. To check the current prices and book your tour call (714) 300-7710. Bookings can be made up to a month in advance. I suggest that you call as close to that time as possible because these popular tours book up fast.

Tour Tips

While in line or walking around, the guides will provide back stories and interesting factoids about the park if you ask….make sure to ask, the stories are really fun and enhance your entire day. It is customary that if you stop for a snack to offer to buy the guide food. Often times they will refuse anything, but still offer. At meal times it is your choice to decide if you want your guide to join your or not. Also, throughout the day guides may slip away while you are on an attraction or having a meal. Don’t worry, they just went off to “clock in” and check on other pieces of your day. Final super important tip, make sure to tip about $20 person in your group. It makes sense since they just spent the day catering to your every need. 

disneyland-vip-tour (2)

Our Experience

As we said above, the tour guides made our Disneyland vacation. The ability to cut lines and sit in areas with perfectly unobstructed views is simply amazing. The only problem with the experience is that it is highly addicting. It was a very special experience that I am very happy to have enjoyed.

If you end up deciding to have a Disneyland VIP tour guide make your day magical at Disneyland then you will be the envy of all of the “regular” Disneyland visitors. Remember not to gloat to much when you are cutting them in line, you have been there too. 

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3 thoughts on “Disneyland VIP Tour Service Reviewed…It is so Fantastmic!

  1. I wonder what guests would pay WED Graduates and ITF Veterans for an Inside Knowledge Tour of attractions they have worked on? One way to employee our Disney Seniors and Veterans. I remember my first Tour Guide in 1958, on my 3rd visit to Disneyland. The price was much lower back then, as was everything else.

    • I don’t know, but boy would that be awesome. I have friends in the VIP Tour/Guest Services department who have received special tours of the Haunted Mansion and other attractions. They have a chance to win these tours by winning raffles in their department.

  2. I think 355 per hour is way too much. Then you ask for a20$ per hour tip. Who gets the 355 per hour? Disney will not get my season pass money next year wither. Shiesters